Be In The Midst Of Pure Japanese Culture At Komamoto

Spread over an area of 390 km2, a city in its primary form at the West coast of Kyushu, which happens to have a castle that has complete castle structure and is still kept the pretty compact in its preservation.

Places to visit

This city has a population of about 6,50,000 people and provides its visitors and travelers opportunities such as visiting the Kumamoto Castle, the gardens, Hosokawa residence which was earlier the place of residence for one of the high ranked samurais. Also, the volcano Aso can be checked out for a change. The museum of art: Ashikita, the intriguing Waku Waku undersea aquarium.

The place called Tawarayama which lies in the Minami Ask area tend it one of the famous spots due to the hiking facility it provides. Shimotori shopping arcade, Kamitori shopping arcade, Kihari Fudoson temple, Tamazaki Bairin, Kato, Namaikizakari Street, Oaks Dori, and Kaminoura Dori are some of the other tourist spots.

The food items that must be given a try are the red Wagyu Donburi, Kumamoto Ramen which is complete with its aroma of roasted garlic, Tapiien, Dago-Jiru, Renkon & Hitmoji Guruguru and even sweets like Ikinara Dangi, the hereditary stick rice sugar and syrup candy and the famous booze of the place which is made from the Japanese rice.

When around this place, it is a must to check out Hugo Koryu the site¬†traditionally meant for the tea ceremonies which hold a lot of importance in part of the Japanese people’s life.

The accommodation facilities include Mitsui Garden Hotel, Hotel Nikko, New Otani hotels, Wasuki Tsukasakan, GR Hotel, and Dormy Inn, etc.

The transportation unit has two city tram systems which go in the east and the West direct and cover the spots you would want to visit like Kumamoto station, a castle of Kumamoto, the arcade area and the Jojuen garden. The rates are constant throughout the city, and the travels are supported by one day pass or even IC cards from other parts of Japan.