Hanoi – The Cultural Epitome of Vietnam

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Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. It is situated on the Red River and has a population of over 7.7 million. The city is home to some of the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam. It is well known for its historic buildings, architecture, museums, and lakes. It also has a vibrant nightlife including entertainment venues and clubs. Overall, the place has lots of surprises for every kind of tourist. Some of the best sites in the city are listed below:

Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is located near the “Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long”. The historic streets offer a striking picture of Vietnamese culture. Here you can find several shops, night markets, restaurants, gift shops, and boutiques. It is a paradise for those who enjoy shopping as the markets offer amazing prices. The antiquity of the streets is well preserved and the people are quite friendly.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Your trip to Hanoi cannot be complete without visiting the legendary Hoan Kiem Lake which is popularly known as “the Lake of the Returned Sword”. The beautiful lake and its surrounds are quite peaceful and enchanting. The 17th century Turtle Tower that stands at the center of the lake on a small piece of land casts a captivating image. We spent an unforgettable evening at this historic lake. Our guide also mentioned a fairytale story that explains why the monument was named as Turtle Tower.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

A short journey to the Cầu Giấy district took us to one of the most versatile museums in the country. The place is dedicated to Social Sciences and numerous exhibits that speak about the ethnicity of Vietnam. Here you can find lots of artifacts and research works associated with the cultural history of the region. They also conduct puppet shows to illustrate folktales, history, and social life of various tribal groups. The entry fee was 40.000 VND per person.

Sydney: Discovering the New York of Australia

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The wild winters, the amazing beaches, and the excellent weather is all great reasons to visit Sydney once in your life. It is the largest city in Australia and also the most visited destination to be found in the country. This is a multicultural city offering delicious food and great shopping centers. The tourist paradise has something for everyone. Here’s my list of things to do when you are in Sydney.

Take a Walk around Darling Harbor

One of the most recreational complex around the city center is the Darling Harbor. It offers an awesome view of the river. You can have delicious food here. I loved the teahouse, Chinese Garden of Friendship. There I also came across a National Maritime Museum. The harbor also has a nightlife scene. I spent the entire to catch as much as I can of the iconic attraction in Sydney.

Visit Paddy Market

Believe it or not, this has been an institution of the city for more than 150 years. The biggest market in the city is Paddy. There are 1000 stalls in between Flemington and Haymarket location. I got some souvenirs that are reasonably priced. Also, the food stalls here serve delectable food.

Drop-in at Bondi Beach

Visiting Sydney and not visiting Bondi Beach would have been a mistake. This beach attracts a lot of tourists every year. I came across many international celebrities soaking in the sun on this beach. The beach is on the heritage list of Australia. Surrounding the beach are some excellent dining and retail option.

Climb Sydney Harbor Bridge

This is the most iconic attraction in the city. It is one of the few climbable bridges in the world. Like everyone else, I prepared with safety and health essentials. Also, you will need gears that are appropriate for the weather. The view that I got while climbing is breathtaking.

Montreux: Enjoy the Breathtaking Beauty of a Small Town

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Set against the backdrop of the Alps, Montreux is a small town of natural beauty. There are various attractions that you can check out when you visit the city. In fact, my friend Tracey and I feel every traveler should visit this city at least once in their life.   In case this is your first visit to Montreux, take a look at the places you can visit.  

Gorges Du Chauderon

When you wander through the old town of the city, make sure that you stop at Gorges du Chauderon. Baye de Montreux River flows to Lake Geneva through the chiseled gorge. I found marked trails that indicate path coming in and going out of the city. There are trails for exploring the woodsy enclave.

Montreux Noel

If you are visiting in winter, do not forget to visit Montreux Noel. You will notice that it transforms itself in order to prepare for the event. For the whole month, you will find the city to be decked up in order to celebrate. Caux nearby also transforms itself. It is a great portrayal of the Christmas village. This is something that I had never seen before.

Lavaux Vineyard

Visiting Montreux and not visiting a vineyard would have been a mistake. Lavaux Vineyard has been as the world heritage site by UNESCO. There are trails that you can take in order to explore this vineyard on foot. Wander around and marvel at the natural beauty. Stop at the wine cellars to taste some of the best wines that it has to offer.

Narcissus Trails

The mountains that surround the city have mesmerizing trails. However, this can be enjoyed if you are visiting during the spring. The Alps look beautiful during the springtime. There are some unique flowers that you will be able to check out. Do not forget to carry your camera to click some postcard-like pictures.