Puebla: Discovering the True Gem of Mexico

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Puebla is only a few hours’ drive from Mexico City. The stunning architecture, the colorful streets, and the delicious food surely took my breath away.  Have a couple friends that have made many recommendations of places to visit. If you are planning a trip to Puebla, here are some of those places you can check out.

Museo Amparo

This is the most prestigious museums in the city. It displays the history of Mexico that dates back to 2500. There are two colonial complexes in the museum along with contemporary apex. I came across some pre-Hispanic collection. What got me interested was that there were displays showing what is happening in the world as these cultures prospered.


The cathedral of the city had started being developed in 1575 and was completed in 1690. It has been declared as a World Heritage site. The Herrerian Style building shows the transition from Renaissance to Baroque. I was mesmerized by the magnificent altar. I came to learn that the altar is the burial site of several bishops of Puebla and had been designed in the eighteenth century by Manuel Tolsa. The dome preserves one of the most valuable tempera paintings by Cristóbal de Villalpando from 1688.

Estrella de Puebla

Travel downtown to find Estrella de Puebla. It is an iconic part of the skyline of the city. This is a large observation wheel that offers a stunning view of the whole city. As I climbed it, I got a panoramic view of the city.  This was put up in the year 2013 and is 80 meters high. Sit in the sealed gondolas to catch a glimpse of the city. It is going to 20 minutes to go round once.