Monschau – A Cultural Hub in the German Eifel Region

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Monschau is a scenic ton by the German Eifel that I happened to stop by and I would recommend it to my fellow travelers as well. The town was built 300 years back and it is surrounded by green hills all around. Being a scenic destination with a small town charm, it acts as a romantic getaway for many. I also discovered that it is considered as a cultural hub of the region and there are different events that are held here.

Rotes Haus

This is also known as the Red House, made of the timbered architecture that characterizes many buildings in this town. This particular building of a cloth manufacturer was built in 1760 and it is now a building to showcase the luxurious furnishings of Louis XVI, Rococo and of the Empire era.

Burg Monschau

This is another local attraction which I stopped by. It is interesting to note that this castle, which was built in the 13th century, houses a youth hostel as well.

Open Air Music Festivals

This is another feature of this town. If you are visiting, make sure you come by in summer when the Monschau Klassik music festival is held, in the open courtyard of the castle.

Mustard Mill

This is another unique local attraction here. It was easy for us to get directions and come by this historical mill. This mill is now run on electric power but in olden times it used to work with a wheel run by water. The mill churns out about 19 different types of Monschau mustard.

We also visited the Glass Works that offers a demonstration of the old craft of blowing out different craftworks of glass; if you have time stop by the museum called Weiss Printers as well as the Felsenkeller Brewery.