Sakai is the dream of every wanderlust

The Sakai City which is located a few miles southwards from the Osaka City has age-old legacies, some originating before the concept of cities in Japan. We witnessed some direct evidence of civilization while for others, we had to rub our heads hard. Sakai contains the numerous tombs of the kings, and the mystery which they bear is a direct competition to the Great Pyramids of Egypt. 

To get a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the city, we decided to explore the temples and shrines. The Museum provides complete information on the city through the artifacts preserved since then.

The present lighthouse on the line of the coast in the city symbolizes the occurrence of foreign trade in the town. Apart from this, one must also witness the Cycling Festival which happens every year and where hundreds of participants drizzle from all over the world.


We specifically wanted to know the history of Japanese Knives, and for this, we visited the Hamono Museum. The past is presented there in the form of videotapes, and we also found plenty of souvenirs from there to take home.

Thanks to the numerous Japanese Chef, the city has gained prominence from the countries of the world for its cuisine, and some of the figures in the town have been responsible for establishing a culture of food which has been running for centuries. When touring around Sakai, always look out for exciting places enumerating out the history of food.

Lastly, we visited the shrine at Houchigai, and historically, this was the same places which served as a meeting point for the tri – prefectures in Japan.

To reach Sakai, one would need to arrive either at Tokyo or Osaka first and grab a bullet directly to the city. We recommend at least spend three days here.