Syracuse: This Is Best For A College Tour

We had a college tour to Syracuse a few weeks ago. We had the opportunity to experience the city’s wonderful nightlife, beautiful parks, shopping, wineries, and great food. We stayed at the Hotel Skyler which has an interesting history. It was a Jewish synagogue earlier and then a theatre.  Firstly we went to the Onondaga Historical Association Museum. It is a two-storeyed building whereby one can know of the history of Syracuse. It has permanent exhibitions of the remarkable people of Onondaga, its relation with Underground Railroads and its display of Syracuse China. Its admission is free.

Then we went to Destiny USA which is a huge shopping center along with facilities of dining and entertainment. It has more than 20 million visitors annually. It is spread over 4 floors and more than 200 retailers. Further, we went to Clark Reservation State Park. It is often referred to as the geologic wonder and a botanist’s paradise. It was named after the former New York State Governor – Myron H. Clark. It is a 377-acre park which features unique rock formations, having deep crevices, fern species and a glacial lake. One must wear durable shoes or sneakers as the place is very slippery.

We visited the Onondaga Lake Park. It is also referred to as the Central Park of the Central New York. It is located outside the city of Syracuse. It is a 75-mile park. Nearby is located the Salt Museum.

Later we went to Green Lakes State Park which is also outside the city. It has the beautiful natural glacial lakes whereby the two lakes have been named as Green Lake and Round Lake. It has a greenish blue hue due to the clear water and its depth. It also has a golf course.