Tianjin Attractions That You should Not Miss

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Tianjin is a very good city to visit when traveling to China. It is about 125 kilometers from Beijing and is known for its attractive coastline, cool sea breeze, attractive mountain views, European style buildings, and the Chinese streets.

The following are the major attractions that I recommend to people visiting Tianjin.


  • St Joseph Cathedral


The cathedral has a Roman architectural touch to it and was built by a French missionary, Paul-Marie Dumond, in 1916. It is a very huge church that can accommodate 1500 people at one go. I happened to be there for the early mass at 6 am. 


  • Huangyaguan Great Wall


The Great Wall is located in the Jizhou mountain range. It was built by the Qi Dynasty and the attractive brickwork was reinforced during the rule of the Ming dynasty. This is about 42 km long and has 14 beacon towers and 52 watchtowers. 


  • Jinmen Shijing


Love to shop during my travel as I like to collect the arts and artifacts of the place I visit. This business street has a lot of stores that sell traditional handicrafts, jewelry, antiques, Weiji kites, etc. This is also the street where I got to taste some of the best local cuisine and snacks like tea soup, stuffed buns, and Fried Glutinous Cakes.


  • Ferris Wheel


It is a landmark sight of the city of Tianjin. This wheel is about 120 meters tall and is located over the Yongle Bridge. It is a great spectacle at night and gets on top of it to enjoy the massive sprawling acres of Tianjin metropolis. 


  • Water Park


You have children traveling with you, and then visiting this amusement park is a must. This is a modern park that houses 9 islands and three lakes. It has everything from gardens to pathways and pagodas. The recreational activities offered here include the Ferris wheel, spaceships, water boats, and trains.